General Snaps from Halton Days

A selection of a few of the 80 snaps submitted to Ken Smith for our reunion in April 2001 and compiled by him on CD. Last three from John Player/Ray Burridge. If significant interest is shown in seeing more snaps included, I'll do that. Also, any expansion on the descriptions would be appreciated.

To view an enlarged picture, click on a thumbnail pic. below. Those with red titles, when enlarged, will show a brat's name, if known, when you hover over a face. If the name is not known the box will show a number instead; if you can put a name to that number then please let me know.

  1 and 2 Wings HQ 1 and 2 Wings  2 Wing and Square First Bull night - 2 Wing  Block 12 Room 1


Wingco's inspection Engines Group1 ( Note 1) Firemans ball (Note 2) Xmas 1952 (Note 3)

Note 1  Names include:- Mick Ayling, Les Curtis, Ed Baker, Rawlings, Derek Jewers.
Note 2  Taken on the 23/3/1953 in the Victoria Hall Tring, at the Firemans Ball.
Note 3  This was taken in Block12 Room1 Christmas 1952. See enlarged pic for names

No 1 No 2 No 3
Presentation of colours.  25th July 1952