Instructions for Using the Website
Guidelines for your website submissions 

Do not include anything about yourself or others that you would not want to get into the hands of undesirables among the www/Internet community e.g.:- 

Home addresses

Home telephone numbers

Maybe email addresses (your choice - you could use a different one for publication to the www on our website if you are concerned)

Service numbers - they are quite often used as PIN numbers

Make your submissions :- 

Pretty much anything in digital format is OK provided that it can be read on a PC running Windoze

Now that we've got stacks of room on our host,  pictures can be as big as you like, anyway, they can be resized easily..

 Annotations with/for pictures are desirable - particularly names.

Hard copies of pics or documents (up to A3) can be sent by post (Address is on the main page) and scanned but please include an SAE if you would like the photographs/drawings returned

Submit your input via email to:- bob§ (Don't forget to change the "§" to an "@"), with contributions, questions or comments about this web site or floppy disk or CD if possible.

Note:- If you are thinking of doing a write-up about the 68th Entry in general, please let me know beforehand so that I can let you know of similar interests amongst us to avoid duplication of effort. You can then work out who's leading the charge etc. There are of course plenty of areas that need authorship so any duplication of goodwill can hopefully be constructively redirected.