Encyclopędia Bratanica 

Akhurst Squadron Leader 2 Wing - first Halton Apprentice
Arsehole Clinkers Aston Clinton
Arthur Morris The original owner of a "liberated" tool etc stamped 
Astra Camp cinema, very popular with brats. Also see "Tanner crush"
Benny Goodman Fllight? sergeant, airframes. Rode a Panther sloper combination
Berko Boys A gang of youths from Berkhamsted
Berry - (dingle!)  Pilot/Flying Officer flight commander? for Airframes/Armourers
Bint Girl (deriv. Arabic - girl, daughter)
Blackman D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers
Boggies or bogmen National Service airmen
Brown job See Pongo
Buffing the deck Polishing the lino
Bull night Barrack rooms cleaning
Bumper Used for buffing the deck
Bunk Single rooms in barrack blocks. There were two per barrack room; an inside and outside bunk. They were occupied by either A/A NCOs or regular( D.I.) NCOs
Camp bicycle A local 'friendly' lass. 
Civvy A civilian
Civvies Civilian clothing
Cube (Enright) So nicknamed because he was more than square
Cunt cap Forage cap
CC AKA jankers - confined to camp. A punishment metered out to recalcitrant brats  in preferred measures  e.g. 3, 7, 14 days
Davies D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers
Deevey D.I. Corporal for A Squadron, Engines
Dum spiro spero Latin ="While I breathe, I hope". Supposed to have been written by a guy called Cicero but his name doesn't appear on the entry list
Earwicker D.I. Flight Sergeant for A Squadron, Engines
F000 Toilet paper
F1250 RAF Identity Card
F295 Leave Pass
F252 Disciplinary charge form. Commonly known as a fizz or fizzer
F700 Aircraft maintenance sign-off form
Gash Spare
Gash Trades 'Endearing' term used by Airframes/Armourers/Engines for the trades in 3 Wing - Electrical and Instruments
Gen Information e.g. "The gen on ..... is ...." or as a verb e.g. "He genned me up on the ......."
Grumble As in Cockney rhyming slang (Grumble and grunt) so a decent looking bird was a "nice bit of grumble"
Hine D.I. Sergeant for C Squadron, Electrical and Instruments. Vertically challenged, nick-named Drag
Jankers See CC
Johnson (Amy) WRAF Pilot/Flying officer, very attractive, taught English in the brats school. 
Kermode The AA's set book on theory of flight
Lee Enfield Mk IV rifle http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/arms/rifles/armbsr.htm  (You'll notice the Weapon No 1 on the REME site was a 33rd Entry issue)
Lewis The goat
Llewellyn Flt.Lt. O.C. 2A Wing?
Matelot A sailor
Nevvy (Spelling?) - a VIP - probably at least a Group Captain
Nuffield Centre A popular Services club among Apprentices in London which ran dances regularly attended by the nurses from Charing Cross Hospital?
Orr (Paddy) D.I. Sergeant for A Squadron, Engines
Pimple A grass patch on top of the hill overlooking Henderson-Groves square. A popular place for brats to climb up to and survey the world of their three year sojourn.
Pig sticker Non ceremonial (round cross section) bayonet
Pit Bed
Plumbers AKA Armourers
Pongo Soldier - "Wherever the army goes the pong goes"
Slim Turner One of the more human RAF Policeman at the Henderson-Groves guardroom. He ran the Station broadcasting service.
Snag L/A/A 
Snoops AKA RAF Police
Snowdrop AKA RAF policeman
Spot bollock on Absolutely correct. Commonly relating to a dimension or fit.
Sprog Member of a junior entry
Tanner crush A queue outside the 6d entrance of the Astra cinema. Senior entrants often barged their way past the sprogs, even walking on  top of them.
Tombstone City Tring
Tank AKA NAAFI - supplier of Nelson cakes, Eccles, Still (powdered lemon drink) 1d and single chips 1½d - not a bad supper for 2½d
Webb D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers

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