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This page is where notices can be posted by anyone trying to make contact with another ex 68ther.
During telephone conversations with other members I've mentioned a name of someone who I'd like to make contact with and the response has been along the lines of "Oh yes. I remember that SoAndSo has been in touch with him - I'll found out and let you know". So it must be worth posting a message here.

If you want a message posted here then get in touch with me by email, phone or snail-mail and I'll publish it. Don't forget to let me have your contact details!

Bob Kellock
The Elms, High Street, Tisbury, Salisbury, SP3 6HH, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1747 870318

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May 2008.
Bob Kellock is looking for R.A. (Rob) Parsons.  Rob lived in Cam, Dursley,  Glos when we were brats. When I looked in the phone book a few years ago there was an R.A. Parsons listed in Stroud - quite near Dursley - but I never got around to trying the number and it's no longer listed.

Rob Parsons has been in touch and now lives in the Wye Valley

Roly Oliver is looking for Norman Champ . Roly wrote:

"I would like to add another missing member to your list. I cannot remember his number but I believe he settled in Singapore with a wife . His parents and other family settled in Nth Queensland Au. He is Norman Champ Airframes 68th. I have searched for him for many years.

Bob Atherstone (70th) is trying to locate M.J. Limpkin - a copy of his email to me follows

Belle journée


I am looking for an old friend of mine, M.J. Limpkin, who was ex 68th entry, (I am 70th) we lost contact in 1967 when I moved to France. If you have contact with him could you ask him if he would like to renew contact with me, Bob "Frenchie" Atherstone.

Yours sincerely