Personal History/Album - John Nicholson

My name is John Nicholson, and among other things was trained to be an electrician during my time at Halton. I still have vivid memories of all the things we did that we shouldn't do. Who remembers such places as 'The Leather Bottle', 'The Well Head', and other such places. Taking walks through the woods at the back, and up to the 'Pimple' with one of the local lasses. Those were the days. However since leaving our home of three years, I was first posted to Binbrook where I was employed servicing Canberra aircraft. During my stay at Binbrook I was sent to Malta to help quell the trouble in the Suez. It was there that I spent my 21st birthday, and all the lads on the squadron made sure I didn't forget it. Returning back to Binbrook after the trouble was over I met Mavis who was to become my wife. Just after getting married in Feb 1958 I was on draft for Cyprus and served the next 2 years at Nicosia working on helicopters.

Returning to UK in late 1960, I was then posted to Waddington and ended up in the Bomber Cmd Vulcan Servicing School (BCVSS) teaching Vulcan 2 electrics. The school was relocated to Finningley and I went with it. In late 1966 I was posted to Swanton Morley to take up a 'paper work' job and stayed until 1969 when a 1 year unaccompanied tour of Bahrain was thrust upon me. Back to working on aircraft, this time on Hunters. Finishing my one year of getting dirty again I went back to my 'paper work' job as that was where my family was.

In 1973 I decided that a change of lifestyle and location was in the wind, so I took my leave of the RAF and emigrated to Australia. I settled just outside of Adelaide, and took up a position with a local firm in designing and diagnosing electrics in machinery. In 1991, our then Prime Minister, gave us all a recession that we had to have, and so I took a 'package' and early retirement.

My main hobbies are, athletics, I have just officiated at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, computers, I teach them at a local Senior's Club, and now after a lifetime of travel have taken up photography, should have done that when I had subjects to photograph.