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With a name like McCarthy, not surprisingly I soon got the nick-name of 'Mac' after I arrived at Halton. My first posting after pass-out was to RAF Wattisham. There I initially worked on Meteors, later Hawker Hunters. In January '57 I was posted to Jever, 2nd TAF, continuing work on Hunters. I volunteered for transfer to surface to air missiles December '58 which involved returning to the UK for 13 months training at RAF Yatesbury and various manufactures sites on the Bristol Bloodhound. My missile stations after training were RAF Watton and RAF North Luffenham. I left the Service in August '64  joining Honeywell and deciding on a change of direction to computer hardware and later software and technical management. There I stayed until early retirement in February '94. My hobbies of woodturning and 'flat' woodwork and computers keep me out of mischief. I am a DIY enthusiast and am ever grateful for the excellent training in the various crafts I received at Halton. In 1960 I married Hildegard, a Berliner, who had been an au-pair working in London. We have one daughter and a grandson who live in Switzerland.


1952? - Photo for mum?

Summer '57 - Ground crew in front of our 'airbus' a Hastings, on detachment for joint Exercise from Jever, 2nd TAF to French Air Force, HyŤres nr Toulon. I (kneeling right) was 'forced' to stay behind for a while because I'd  grounded one of our Hawker Hunters for a fault for which we had no spares. 


Grandson Thomas at 1yr with rigger potential

Deputy Webmaster - Thomas aged 2 - has just deleted the official Pakistan Air Force website

My wife Hildegard and I at the 50th Anniversary reunion 

(photo by Dickie Lees)

 Hildegard's grandfather - 1915 , one of our former enemy WW1, together with grandmother and Hildegard's father

Another of our former enemy WW2, (Hildegard's father), photo soon after call-up in 1939, killed in action nr. Leningrad, 1941



Brian McCarthy - Snaps from Halton Days
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Airframes & Armourers from room 6 block 8, April '51
Some had worked out how to wear their beret and some just hadn't got their mums to hand

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Airframes and Armourers taking a photo call before another round of pass out trooping. 

Airframes pass- out banner - who designed/made it?

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April '54 some Airframes & Armourers 'passout happy'

At the Graduation Ball
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