In Memoriam

The following members of the 68th Entry have passed away



Adikaram   A.B.   (RCyAF) 1963
Brook   C.J.   
Broughton Eric 26 May 2006
Collier Peter 15 February 2008
Connors  Dave 2000
Docwra   R.C. 1984
John Farman 10 March 2003
Holt Dereck (Del) March 2004
Hutchinson   Norman 18 August 2001
James  H.A. 1963
McLean   Jack   (RNZAF)  November 2000
Milne   G.  
Pratt   Graeme   (RNZAF)  September 1986
Ram   Charlie 1995
Telford A.R. 1983
Thomas R.E.  (RNZAF)   
Williams Barry 12 October 2006
Wright   H.B.  
Wyatt Doug  19 December 2002

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