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The 68th Entry
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Volunteers for a write-up please. prompts:- entrance exam (exemptions?), trade selection process, arriving, being kitted out, first thoughts, initial square-bashing, trade training,  pay - 17s 6d of which we got 7s 6d (but went on leave with a small fortune), restrictions, Aylesbury just inbounds, written permission for girl-friends, rough serge best blue (No. 1 Home Dress?) - when did we get the smoother cloth?, started with kit boxes - then bedside cupboards - then wardrobes, then mats - what was it like for pre-war entries - no sheets!? Lea Enfield Mk IV? rifle - stored under lock and key in rifle racks in our barrack rooms  ('cancel' the requests for userid and password to access the REME museum website http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/arms/rifles/armbsr.htm#012 the pig sticker bayonet (good for perforating dustbins). I don't think we ever got issued with the more prestigious  flat bayonet like the 99th, see photo, or have I forgotten. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Chris_McBrien/99halton.htm

War-gas training (the gas chamber - not nice), food rationing was still in force

Summer Camp - march to Tring

Perspectives of life as a Junior Entry, life as a Senior Entry

Bands - let's have some coverage/photos of the various bands, bagpipe, brass, drum and fife

Sports - let's have some coverage of the various sports stories/successes/photos in ball games, swimming, shooting, athletics etc.. 

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