ISSUE NUMBER SEVEN                   SEPTEMBER 2004

This is is a "sanitised" version of the original sent by email of snail mail. i.e. email and real addresses etc. have been removed


Hi Guy’s

                Sorry for the delay in getting this epistle off the drawing board but I’ve been beset by a number of problems, not least of which was the crashing of my floppy disc when I’d only got the last column on page 2 to write.  Needless to say I hadn’t backed it up so I had to start from square one.  A salutary lesson for all us computer buffs.


I’m afraid I am the bearer of bad news.  Sadly during the first week in May Alan King passed away.  His funeral was attended by Maurice Kidney, Dave Clarke, Mike Williams, John and Shirley Haslett, Tony and Marion Whiting and Ray Hart.  Alan was a founder member of our association and will be sadly missed by all of us.

Theo Sumners also lost his wife Doreen to cancer in July.  Our thoughts are with you Theo.




It seems such a long time ago now but a total of 57 of us attended the reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our passing out.   We once again invaded the Hanover Hotel at Bromsgrove on the weekend of 23rd/24th of April.  There was lots of chat and slurping of ale but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  The ladies also had a good time on their coach trip, to Worcester; most of them had never been before. The weather was kind to us all.  Did I hear someone say,”It doesn’t rain in the bar”. 


All of you who couldn’t attend  need to know that at the meeting we decided not to have any more formal reunions, but to get together every couple of years or so, all those wishing to attend making their own arrangements The venue and dates to be published in the newsletter.  This idea has been overtaken by events as you will have all received a letter from Tony Whiting containing details of our next get together.  It will be on Friday 21st April in 2006 and we will once again use the Hanover at Bromsgrove, at least we all know the way there.


Before I leave the subject of reunions there are two more bits of info that might interest you. 

Terry Jowle took a number of photo’s, some of which are on the website, if anyone would like thumbnail copies of all 32 of them then just send a SAE to Terry (Address sanitised but available) and he will gladly send you a copy.  He has also said that he will send specific copies by ‘E’ mail should anyone require them.   I will supply his ‘E’ mail address to anyone interested.

Jim (Dickie) Lees was very busy with his camcorder and has turned his efforts into a Video/DVD.  Copies are available at a cost of £2 plus £3 for P&P. if you want a copy of either one send a U.K. cheque made payable to J R Lees at (Address sanitised but available).  If anyone from N.Z. wants one then, due to the extra postage the total cost will be £7.50.

I have a copy and have watched it a couple of times, it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves all over again.




We spent a grand total of £7566.10 on the reunion which leaves us with £643.11 in the building society.  There was a great deal of movement with the funds just prior to the reunion week end; I can however produce a more detailed breakdown should anyone require it.


See you at the triennial in September, failing that, at Bromsgrove in April 2006


Best Regards

Mike Williams.





Among many other people I was talking to Jim Le Moine about our days at Halton in the bar at Bromsgrove.  He reminded me of the summer of 1952, 25th July to be precise, the significance of that particular date escaped me at first until he produced a copy of “The Aeroplane” dated 8th August, and it contained an account, with pictures, of the presentation of the Queens Colour to No 1 S of T.T.  Presented, as we all remember by “Her Majesty the Queen “herself” He did tell me where he got the magazine from but I’ve forgotten.  However it was a very interesting read and I shall, needless to say, return it to him when we next meet.



That’s got to be Block 13 in the background.  I won’t tell you how long it has taken me to get this copy of the photo here, sufficient to say I am going for a little lie down, before I continue.




Those of you who attended the reunion will know that our webmaster, Brian McCarthy has moved with his good lady Hildagard to Switzerland and he wasn’t sure whether or not he could continue to run the webpage for us.  I have some good news, he can

Thanks to his efforts and those of his new ISP we are up and running again.  The new address is;-www.homepage.hispeed.ch/the68th

I would like to personally thank Brian for all his efforts on our behalf.  I get lots of pleasure from viewing the info contained in the various sections of the webpage, as I am sure you all do.  Thanks Brian.




Another subject that was discussed at Bromsgrove was the scope and frequency of the newsletter.  I explained that it was getting increasingly difficult to fill the two pages as there just wasn’t enough news about the Entry especially as most of the occasions for celebration were now behind us.  I have therefore decided, subject to approval, to only produce one newsletter a year from now on, except when there was something of import to get out to the Association members.




As most of you know, I send the newsletter out as ‘E’ mail to those of us that are on the net and ordinary mail through the GPO for those who aren’t.  It is therefore important that, if you change either of your addresses you let me know.  While we are on the subject I am still searching for those of our brethren that are still unaccounted for and am finding them, to give you an example, as the result of a conversation over a photo at the reunion I have been able to trace George Parsons, a friend of mine that I’d lost touch with 30 years ago.  So if you do meet anyone from the good old 68th, let me know.

Finally, can I thank Brian Crocker, Terry Jowle and Jim Lees for their stories; I will use them in the future.