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On 20th April 2008 I took over compiling the website from Brian McCarthy who has done many years of sterling work in creating and maintaining it but is now living in Switzerland.  Nothing much has changed yet and it won't, apart from some cosmetics, without your input so please come up with anything that you think other ex 68thers would be interested in e.g. photos, reminiscences, whereabouts of lost members, links to your website etc.

The site is now being hosted by which is cheap, provides 1 gig of webspace and unlimited bandwidth so there's oodles of capacity for all your gen. If you have photographs or documents in non-digital format then please send them by snail mail with an SAE to ensure their return. I can scan up to A3 size.

For those of you who have been accessing the website as please note that the website has now become
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Recent news


Ken Smith passed away on 31st May 2008
The funeral took place at Canewdon parish church on Thursday 12th June.
Jean and John Player, Keith and Eileen Gauntlett, Jim and Geraldine Le Moine, Ray and Maureen Hart and Mike Williams attended to represent the Association.

Photos of 2007 triennial reunion added 17th May 2008

Alister Small passed away quite recently

George Simpson passed away on 3rd April 2008

Pete Collier passed away on 15th February 2008


Entry reunion April 2009
Information from Tony Whiting

We decided at our last reunion, confirmed at the 2007 Triennial, to have an Entry Reunion in 2009. This is will held on 24th and 25th April 2009 at The Old Wisteria Hotel, Oakham, Rutland.

Click here for schedule and entry form


Notes from your webmangler

15th September 2008.  Just received issue 11 of The Wheel (Newsletter of NZ Ex-RAF Apprentices Association)
Click here to view/download in PDF format  (It's not on their website yet)

I  found my copy of the May '54 Halton Magazine which covers our passing out. Pictures from it have been added to the photos section.

Rob Parsons (Airframes) has also been found: he lives in the Wye Valley. I have his email address.

Leon Slee (Airframes) has been found: he lives in Purton (Near Swindon). I have his email address.

Found the Kiwi ex brats website - quite a lot about 68thers - worth a visit.
See the section about the 68th and "The last of the great entries" in their newsletter no. 9. Click here to see it

In most photos on the website, where there are faces, there is provision for showing individual's names when you move the mouse over a face. Many of them have codes instead of names because I don't know the name. If you can identify any of them please let me know so that I can insert the name.

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